What does the ASTA do?

AStA is short for “Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss” (General Students’ Committee). The Students’ Council (StuRa), which is elected by all students via their faculties, is comparable to a parliament representing all students of the University of Rostock. The StuRa then elects the AStA — or rather its individual members, who each work in a different department. Their work includes handling administration, planning events and helping/advising students. Simply put: if the StuRa is a parliament, then the members of the AStA function as its elected ministers.


We are here to help with any problem and listen to anyone who needs someone to talk to; whether it is about your exams, your lecturers, or even an event that you are planning.

Studierendenschaft erweitert Semesterticket dank MIRROR-Projekt

Es ist endlich soweit: die Erweiterung des Semestertickets ist da! Seit dem 01.09.2022 könnt ihr mit eurem bestehendem Semesterticket den öffentlichen Nahverkehr (Regionalzug, S-Bahn, Straßenbahn, Stadt- und Regionalbus, Warnowfähren, etc.) im gesamten Netz des Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW) nutzen. Dieses umfasst aktuell… weiterlesen