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Here you can download the application forms for various refunds.

In particular, we carry out a semester ticket refund and a semester fee refund due to financial hardship every semester. You can find more information on these procedures below.


In the summer semester 2024, the nationwide semester ticket is being introduced at the University of Rostock for the first time. This extends the scope of the semester ticket to the whole of Germany; the conditions of the Deutschlandticket apply. The cost arising from the current contract is € 164 per student per semester.

As before, the semester ticket is still organised according to the principle of solidarity: every student pays the above-mentioned amount, regardless of whether they want to use the semester ticket or not. In this way, every student finances the extremely favourable conditions under which the majority of students can use public transport. In certain exceptional cases, however, a refund is granted by the VVW. Applications for reimbursement are processed by the General Students’ Committee (AStA) in accordance with contractual requirements and the student body’s contribution regulations (Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft).


The request for a semester ticket refund must be submitted to the AStA in writing, stating the reason for the refund. The form provided for this purpose must be used (see below); the proof required must also be enclosed. Applications submitted using an outdated form or without a form cannot be considered.

In order for the application to be processed, it is necessary to acknowledge the relevant data protection declaration (see below).

The applicant has a duty to cooperate. They must provide all required documents and proof necessary for an application review and decision.

The applicant must be enrolled at the University of Rostock or, in the case of exmatriculation, must have been enrolled.

The applications will be checked in advance by the AStA office service for completeness and correctness and labelled with the correct date of receipt and then processed by the Finance Department.

The complete refund applications must be submitted to the AStA office service no later than four weeks after the start of the lecture period, which means by 6 May 2024. This can be done by post or by email to After this deadline, the claim for reimbursement expires; it is a final deadline. The postmark is decisive.

The applicant must be enrolled – or in the case of exmatriculation, have been enrolled – at the University of Rostock. 

Reimbursements will be paid out by 15 July 2024. With the exception of applications due to exmatriculation and, if applicable, stays abroad, all applications submitted on time and with success will result in reimbursement of the full semester ticket fee.

If you have any questions, please contact or stop by during our opening hours!

semester ticket refund

This request can be turned in via e-mail to

If you don’t have enough money to pay for the semester fee, you can request a refund. The completed document must be submitted to the AStA office or via email to latest until 4 weeks after the start of the lecture period. (Current deadline: 06.05.2024.)

For the refund of the fee due to financial hardship, the ticket does NOT have to be voided. You can continue to use the ticket, it will be paid for by the social support of the student body.

refund of the semester fee due to financial hardship

We are still waiting for external input so that we can start the reimbursement process (as of April 2024). We will inform you as soon as the form is online.

refund due to existing Deutschlandticket by employer or other discounted alternative