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Nationwide Semester Ticket

General information

The nationwide semester ticket (BWST) will be introduced for the first time this summer semester. The Student Council (StuRa) of the University of Rostock decided to do this on the basis of the survey results at its meeting on 6 December 2023.


Area of validity

The nationwide semester ticket is valid beyond the city and district of Rostock throughout Germany. It works as a solidarity model, all students receive access to the ticket when they enrolled for the summer semester. Bicycle transport is not included for this semester.

Student ID card

Unlike in previous semesters, the student ID card is no longer valid as a ticket for local transport. This part will primarily be done digitally via the VVW app; in justified exceptional cases, an analogue version can be applied for as a chip card (see application form below).
You can still use the ID card for all other functions, such as borrowing from the university libraries and the culture ticket.

Reception of the ticket

All students who have re-registered or enrolled by 29 February will automatically receive the ticket in the VVW app on 1 April. To do this, you must register in the app using your university email address. The ticket will be activated by the VVW and you will receive a confirmation email from the VVW that the ticket has been activated.

For latecomers who enroll at a later date or transfer the fee later, the ticket will be activated via the AStA. Students must enter their details with us once in order to receive their nationwide semester ticket. We use the administration portal for this (link:

Similar to the previous booking model, you must register there. After that, no further steps are necessary (apart from proper registration in the VVW app), the data will be transmitted by us to the VVW. All students who have submitted their data to us by 23:59 on 19 March will receive a BWST on 1 April.

NOTE FROM VVW ON REGISTRATION IN THE APP: “If an account with a private e-mail address is already being used for the upgrade, please create an additional account with the e-mail address of the university/college! Please do not change the email address within the account — the booked upgrade will then disappear from the account.”

Existing subscriptions

All Deutschlandtickets booked via the AStA will be cancelled by the VVW as of 01.04. You do not have to take care of this yourself.


All previous refund options (semester fee refunds for social reasons and semester ticket refunds due to leave of absence, stays abroad, etc.) will remain largely unchanged. You can find out more about them here.