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Student Prorector


The student Vice-Rector represents the interests of the students in the university management, the Rectorate. The main responsibility of the Rectorate lies in the allocation of funds, the definition of principles for target agreements, and general personnel matters, especially regarding professorships and everything that is not assigned to other university members by law and regulations. The Rectorate is complete with three other Vice-Rectors, the Chancellor and the Rector.

The Student Vice-Rectorate is an advisory member of the Senate, a Senate Commission, the Council, the Student Council and the General Student Committee and acts as a voting member of the Rectorate Advisory Board for the allocation of funds at the university. The Student Vice-Rectorate can also organise its own projects.

There are four stages in the election process for the Student Vice-Rectorate: The parliament of the student body, the StuRa, nominates the person who would like to take over the Vice-Rectorate. The Academic Senate confirms this nomination, and the final election takes place at the Council. The Rector appoints the elected person at the following Rectorate meeting.

You can find more information about the Rectorate here:

Janne Döscher

Studentischer Prorektor / Students’ Prorector

📞 03814985607

The Student Vice-Rectorate only exists four times in Germany at a state university. The office serves to incorporate a student perspective and voice into the decisions of the university management. The student vice-rector is active in an advisory capacity on a number of committees. That’s why it’s also a good contact point for your initiatives and concerns if you don’t know where to turn or if you can’t get anywhere else within the university. Feel free to contact me!