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TVStud – What’s that?

TVStud = Tarifvertrag für Studentische Beschäftigte (Collective agreement for student employees)

We want the employment relationships of all student employees at universities and non-university research institutions to be regulated by a collective agreement and thus put an end to precarious working conditions. This means more planning security, better economic protection and a shift in the power asymmetry in which student employees currently lose out to employers.

Why do we need that? Is it really that bad?

Of course, not all student assistants have lousy working conditions, but this should not depend on the goodwill of their superiors and should be better protected. Because for many of us, the conditions are really precarious and minimum labour law standards are not observed, not to mention the low pay at (or just above) the minimum wage level.

You can find facts and figures on this in the study “Young, Academic, Precarious” published at the beginning of 2023: results

You can find more information on the website of the nationwide TVStud network: (There you can also sign up for the newsletter and as a TVStud ambassador to stay up to date on the nationwide collective bargaining movement).

Current situation of the collective bargaining movement

From October to December, negotiations will take place in the collective bargaining round for the public sector of the federal states. In this context, we also want to make ourselves strong and take to the streets in favour of the TVStud. Keep your eyes open for upcoming actions.

Get active/Join in!

Would you also like to actively campaign for a collective agreement and to improve the working conditions of student employees? Then get in touch with us or simply come along to our meetings.

Contact the TVStud-Initiave Rostock

via Mail:
on Instagram : @tvstud_hro Instagram
Join our local Telegram networking group: Telegram

Information from the trade unions ver.di and GEW on TVStud


Other links and notes

Although we are unfortunately not allowed to elect the WPR (Academic Staff Council) ourselves or stand as candidates for it, it is at least also responsible for representing student employees at the university. We are endeavouring to expand this cooperation. Here you can find the website of the WPR: staff council

If you have a contract as an assistant/tutor at the university, you will automatically be added to the group for academic staff and assistants on Stud.IP. It is also worth taking a look at the announcements or uploaded documents there.

DGByouth North/MV: North Youth

In addition to your trade union, you can also contact the social counselling service of the AStA and DGBJugend if you have any questions about labour law: AStA social counselling