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Dear creative kids, language lovers, enquirers, re-thinkers and all those who want to become one,

we are the heuler, the official student magazine of the University of Rostock, and we write articles by students for students. We need your support!

Draw our attention to topics that interest you, or try your hand at being a motivated author. But we don’t just need support with researching and writing – our team also has a wide range of activities that go beyond this: Planning, creating, designing, managing, negotiating and, in the course of our digitalisation, content creation, audio and video editing for our social media channels and the new development of our online presence. Some of our work is even rewarded with a small fee.

For your background knowledge

The heuler is published by the student body of the University of Rostock, which is represented by the General Students’ Committee (AStA). The heuler magazine is published with a circulation of around 2,500 copies. As the new heuler team, we want to realise modern creative ideas, gain new cooperation partners, expand our reach and become more and more digital – but at the same time not lose the good old print version.

Under the motto “Howling along instead of whining”, we report quarterly in the heuler magazine on what’s happening at the university, student life and political and cultural issues in and around Rostock. Once a month we can also be heard on Radio LOHRO as “heuler on Air”. The diversity of our magazine is in the hands of our authors and editors: you.

Although the AStA acts as our publisher, the heuler is free in terms of content and has set itself the task of critically scrutinising university policy and researching it in the interests of the student body.

If you need more information about us or would like to get to know us, please write to us on Facebook, Instagram or by email. You can also come along to our editorial meetings at any time. We look forward to seeing you!

Your heuler team


Instagram: @heulermagazin

Editorial Meeting:

Mondays 7:00 pm

heuler-office in the Grünen Ungeheuer

Parkstraße 6

18057 Rostock

Annabell Kretschmer, Editorial Management

Lukas Bessen, Management

Joanna Fackendahl, Department Management Life

Vacant, Department Management University

Sandeep Preinfalk, Department Management Politics

Hannah Miltzow, Department Management Culture

Charlotte Jacobi, Department Management heuler on air (commissary)

Vivien Sophie Schröder, Social Media and Public Relations