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Every 3rd Thursday of the month, representatives of all student councils meet in the council room in the main university building to present their work, discuss current issues and, above all, network. Whether planning the HIT or the perennial issue of course evaluation – no one is alone with their problems, and help (for self-help) is provided here. This is because the student councils are not only among themselves but can also count on the presence of AStA officers and the StuRa praesidium at almost every meeting, who answer questions directly or take them away as homework. Other members of the student body also regularly present their projects. The FSRK is one thing above all: as a multiplier for the student councils, it forms an important information hub at the university that can drive or support political decisions within the student body with a good degree of soft power.

The FSRK is also active outside the main building and is not inactive: the board, consisting of two representatives from the student councils and the current internal officer, pays house calls to the meetings of its members as required. To strengthen the cohesion between the student councils – true to the motto “friendship goes through the stomach” – sweets are a must at every meeting, as is the annual summer party, which brings everyone together outside the meetings.

Would you like a taster? With pleasure! Contact your student council or come to one of our next meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the council room, main university building. We look forward to meeting you.

Stephan Weise

Innenreferat & Fachschaftskoordination / Inner Department & Students Council Coordination

Ronja Stegelmann


Joost Rheder