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StuRa Committees

Digital Committee

The StuRa’s Digital Committee brings together all digitalization topics that affect the student body. Together with the AStA Department for Digital Affairs, we talk, for example, about the use of software at the university and in the administration of the student body, or about data security issues. Since the Digital Committee is still quite young, we are always looking for new members. Members of non-STEM related subjects are also explicitly asked to participate, as digitization affects all subjects and different subjects have different needs and experiences.

The Digital Committee is currently looking at the new campus management system and the use of AI tools for examinations.


Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee deals with topics of ecological sustainability within the student body and the university. We draft statements, prepare motions for the StuRa or take discussions to other university committees. To this end, we work closely with, for example, the AStA department for climate justice and infrastructure, the Round Table for Sustainability and Diversity, and the university’s sustainability officer.
We are currently working on the path to a climate-neutral university by participating in the development of an action plan. In addition, we are supporting the establishment of a new degree program on sustainability.

Do you have a topic we should discuss or would you like to join the committee yourself? Then write to us!


Budget Committee

Budget – At first, this sounds like a lot of numbers and large Excel tables. But if you delve a little deeper, the whole world of the student body opens up. Whether it’s funding for cultural projects, AStA events such as Campus Day or the Long Night of (Deferred) Homework, the work of the heuler or the Culture Ticket: the student body’s budget lays the foundation for all of this.
The budget committee deals with the budget especially at the beginning of the legislative period. This is prepared by the AStA and then presented to the committee, which then drafts an opinion on it. Thus, the budget committee works with the StuRa on the content and makes a recommendation on how to deal with the draft budget.
In addition, the budget committee drafts an opinion on the annual financial statement. In the annual financial statement, the actual finances of a past budget year can be seen. This allows the committee and later the StuRa to discuss how the student body’s finances are running and where adjustments should be made for the next year.

Soon, the decision on the 2022 financial statements is coming up. Maybe this is your moment to get started in committee work and take a look at the finances of the student body? We would love to have you! Feel free to contact us at any time


Social Fund Committee

In times of multiple crises, current government support for students is not enough. 76.1% of all students who do not live with their parents are at risk of poverty. Far too few students currently receive BAföG and educational equity is still a distant dream in higher education.
Therefore, the StuRa has created the Social Fund Committee on 30.11.2022 with the goal of establishing a support association that collects and disburses money to needy students. In doing so, we are following successful examples set by other university campuses.

We are currently exploring the principles (including a possible constitution) of such an association. So: Do you have ideas about which groups need special support or where we could raise money? Then join the social fund committee! Feel free to contact us!


Statutes Committee

The statutes committee revises the statutes of the student body and, if necessary, drafts new ones. These include, for example, the student council rules, the financial rules and the media rules. Currently, the Social Code is being rewritten (i.e. completely reformulated, sorted, and revised) and the Student Council Framework is being adapted. In addition, a comprehensive amendment process is starting for the student body statutes and the financial regulations.

Working on bylaws is essential for the student body to “keep things running” and for the student body to operate within the correct legal framework. In addition, it is usually more fun than you think and the changes often have a direct impact, so you can make a good difference! If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us!


Social Committee

The social committee of the student body primarily deals with applications for semester ticket reimbursement on social grounds. In addition, it also serves as an exchange round for all topics in the area of social affairs. Therefore, other actors from the university and the student union are invited to the meetings to discuss current problems in the area of family friendliness. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!


Structure Committee

The structure committee, as the name suggests, deals with the structures of your student representatives. For example, we create a proposal for improving the AStA structure and evaluate it on an ongoing basis: Which units are needed? How should they be oriented in terms of content? What are things that currently need urgent attention? Optimizing the staff structure of the student body is also an important focus here. But also all other structures of the student body are in focus with the aim to evaluate, improve and adapt them to the current requirements.

If you are interested in diving deeper into our structures and actively shaping them, you are in the right place! Feel free to drop by our meetings or send us an email.