RPO news: Translation of german version (HQE)

RPO: The general examination regulations (german: Rahmenprüfungsordnung, short: RPO) of the University of Rostock have changed. In the following, the most significant changes have been listed and will be explained.


Changes for all students:


  1. “Frist-Fünfen” (RPO BA/MA §10; RPO LA §15)

Until now, official registration for a module had to be done not later than two semesters after the regulated time (semester). Otherwise, the courses would be graded with a “Frist-Fünf” (will be graded 5,0 as a not taken exam).

From now on, the registration deadline does not exist, and “Frist-Fünf” cannot be given any more, which means students are flexible in attending the courses in the preferred semester.

Possible questions:

I got a “Frist-Fünf” before the RPO changed. Is that valid?

It is. Now, because of the given “Frist-Fünf,” the rules for repetitive exams (Old rules) has been applied. That means the exam has to be taken at the next attempt date. Not showing up for the exam results in another 5.0!

  1. Free attempts (german: Freiversuch) (RPO BA/MA §17; RPO LA §23)

Until now, one-third of the credit points’ grades, which counts for the grade points average (GPA) (thesis excluded), could be improved using „free attempts.”
Free attempts had to be registered at the examination office (Prüfungsamt)/office of student affairs (Studienbüro).

From now on: Every exam attended in the semester it belongs to counts as a free attempt. (There is no limitation for free-attempts in the credit point sense.)

Note: If an exam is failed as a “free attempt,” it counts as not taken.
For exams, which consist of two or more modules (Hybrid-exams), if one part has been failed, the exam as a whole is failed. In consideration of the free attempt rules, all the modules which are related to that exam will be reset as well, because the free attempt affects the module exams as a whole.
If students wish to keep the passing grade for one part of that hybrid exam, then the other part cannot be considered as a free attempt and must be attended and passed as well.
In the case you are willing to attend the exam of the course which belongs to the former master, you must inform the audit committee within one month from the date you changed your major.

Does that mean I have to repeat both examination performances in an improvement attempt?

Yes. The improvement attempt always includes the whole module. Both performances have to be done and passed again. The better grade counts in the end, as it was before.

  1. Opposition proceeding (german: Widerspruchsverfahren) (RPO BA/MA §23; RPO LA §27)

Until now, the counterstatement against the grading of a module exam had to be submitted within two weeks after the announcement of the results.

From now on, the deadline has been extended to four weeks.

  1. Announcement of exams‘ dates (German: Bekanntgabe von Prüfungsterminen) (RPO BA/MA §9(4); RPO LA §14 (4))

Until now, the exact date of the exam had to be announced seven days prior.

From now on, the exact date of the exam has to be announced 16 days prior. For exams that take place within the semester (for instance, presentations), the seven-day rule remains valid.



Possible questions:

Why 16 days?

Registration for exams can be withdrawn within 14 days before the exam. Students have the opportunity to do that if they have no possibility to attend the exam on the announced date.

  1. Extension of written papers (german: Verlängerung schriftlicher Arbeiten) (RPO BA/MA §12(2); RPO LA §17 (4))

Until now, if there were valid reasons, the processing period for written papers (e.g. documentation) could be extended up to four weeks.

From now on, the processing time of written papers (e.g. documentation) can be extended by one-third of its regular submission time by requesting it at the audit committee and giving valid reasons for the extension.

Possible questions:

Does this count for papers, which have been begun before the summer semester 2020?

Every decision regarding extension requests, which has been put after the enforcement of the new rules, has to be taken based on the new rules.

  1. Final withdrawal from exams when changing the major (german: Endgültiger Prüfungsrücktritt bei Studiengangs-/-fachwechseln) (RPO BA/MA §14(4); RPO LA §20 (4))

Until now, if a student had changed the subject and had registered exams in the previous subject, these exams had to be taken regardless of changed major. Not passing the exam could have led into failing the complete graduation program. To avoid this, students could have requested to resign from all exam duties of their previous major fully and did not have to take the exams.

From now on, if a student changes the major, it is considered that the student wants to resign from all exam duties so that they do not force to take any of the previous exams anymore.
– A separate request is not necessary anymore, and all exam duties end automatically.
– The previous major cannot be studied again at the University of Rostock.
-There is still the possibility of attending the open exams of the previous major only if the student is willing to, but this has to be requested. Then, those exams must be taken.

Possible questions:

Does this apply to subject changes before the summer semester 2020?

No, the new rules apply to changes from the summer semester 2020 on.

Does this apply to exams, which have been begun before the summer semester 2020?

The rules apply to all exams which were open when the subject was changed.

What happens if the open exam is also relevant to the new subject?

If students withdraw from all exam duties of the previous major field, they once again get all the exam attempts in the new subject (recommended).

If a student decides to fulfill the exam duties; nonetheless, the passed study and examination performances can be transferred into the new major. If the exam is failed, this can lead to final failure to complete studies, and the students can get exmatriculated.

Changes only for students of teaching:


Central audit committee (German: Zentraler Prüfungsausschuss, short: ZP) and a central exam and student’s administration (german: Zentrales Prüfungs- und Studienamt, short: ZPA) (RPO LA §29 und §30)

Until now, the ZPA had extensive tasks related to the exams, which it fulfilled autonomously. The ZP existed, but many decisions and tasks have been made and done by decentralized audit committees in the faculties or the ZPA.

From now on, the ZP is responsible for all the exams for students of teaching und makes general decisions. The ZPA executes these decisions. The decentralized audit committees are only consulted in subject-specific matters.

Possible questions:

Which changes are relevant for students?

Not many, because the requests are still submitted in the ZPA. Thus, in the long-term, the decisions about exams shall be more consistent.



The paragraphs about compensations of disadvantages and maternity protection (RPO BA/MA §18; RPO LA §24) and inspection of examination files (RPO BA/MA §24; RPO LA §28) have been updated. Many other paragraphs have been adapted linguistically or clarified.

The rules for crediting and the transfer of performances can only be found in the accreditation statutes (Anerkennungssatzung), not in the RPO anymore.


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7:15 PM - StuRa-Sitzung
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Liebe Studierende, die StuRa-Sitzung findet um 19:15 Uhr in Raum 323, Haus 1, Ulmencampus, Rostock statt.
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