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Cultural projects and events

This page offers a brief overview for those who want to organize an event for university purpose, like summer parties, informational events or film presentations.
Use of university rooms If your event is supposed to be in a room on the campus of the university you have to fill in an application form. Terms and conditions for the approval of such applications are:

  •  The room is not yet used for that date
  •  The applicant is part of the university body (groups, committees, educationalpurposes, etc.)

Contacts and terms and conditions can be found on the website of the university

Film and music licences

Playing of music

➢ For every event that is to be accompanied by music you need to register at the GEMA
➢ This is set for every kind of playing music: radio, live band, streaming Depending on place and whether there is an entrance fee to pay, you might have to pay an extra fee to the GEMA:
➢ No entrance fee if the venue is part of the university
○ There is a contract between the university and the GEMA, so you only need to send an email giving all the important details to . The department of culture holds a copy of the contract to take a look at
○ Donations which are not necessary for taking part in the event do not count for entrance fee: the contract is still valid
➢ If you are taking an entrance fee or if the place is not part of the university, you need to pay a fee to the GEMA, e.g. 15 € for a film
For both cases the correct form Formular has to be filled in. At the end of the event a list of all the songs/films has to be handed in.


Film presentation

If you want to show a film there are two different licences that have to be checked separately
➢ Rights to the picture
➢ Rights to the music

For the rights to the picture, the AStA/StuRa of the University of Rostock shares a contract with Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC). This contract is valid when:

➢ The entrance is free of charge
➢ The film was sourced from rightful sources
➢ The title of the film is represented by the studios of MPLC (see “List ofstudios” and “List of Warner Brothers Titles” in the downloading area of MPLC)
➢ The film’s title is not announced publicly. The announcement of the title is rightful if done so on the noticeboards of the institutes or via mail. You can also announce the event on social media without giving the film’s title.

Furthermore, the MPLC licences are bound to the locations of presentation, which are as follows:

➢ Albert-Einstein-Straße 3a
➢ Albert-Einstein-Straße 2
➢ Ulmenstraße 69
➢ Universitätsplatz 1
➢ Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 6
➢ Schillingallee 70

Any request of change can be presented to the department of culture. It is then given to the StuRa for approval. Otherwise, you have to get a permission or purchase the license directly from the owner.
For the rights to the music, you have to fill in another application form for GEMA. If a film is covered by the MPLC licence, the contract with GEMA is valid, too. However, you have to inform the GEMA as described in the section above.


Livestream of the public service broadcasting:

If a livestream of the public service broadcasting is to be shown, it only has to
registered at GEMA. It requires the same process as described in “Playing of music”.


Svea Holst

Kultur / Culture

Svea ist eure Ansprechpartnerin für alles, was mit dem großen Wort Kultur zusammengefasst werden kann. Der Bereich geht von den studentischen Flohmärkten, bis hin zu Musik und Theater. Auch hat sie immer zwei offene Ohren für eure Ideen und unterstützt euch gerne durch Organisation und Kooperation. Denn die besten Projekte kommen aus eigenem Antrieb!